Toilet roll holder – Brass


  • Made in solid brass.
  • Made in lacquered brass, that maintains its colour.
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Suits all rolls

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The toilet roll holder is made of solid brass, which has been given an elegant, brushed finish. The brushing brings out all the best in the brass and creates a beautiful shine.

The toilet roll holder is lacquered so that it retains the beautiful golden colour.

If you need to change the roll, you can easily screw the top of its short thread, put the roll on, screw the top back on until you first feel resistance. The top is 6 cm, so you are sure that the roll will not slip off.

If you want a complete brass style in the bathroom, don’t forget to view our selection of coat racks and coat hooks in brass available separately. The toilet paper holder is easily mounted with a “double screw/table screw”, which is included.

Send mig en e-mail når produktet er på lager