Hexagon knife rack – American walnut


  • 47,5 cm, fits 6 knives
  • Super strong neodymium magnets
  • No visible screws or magnets.
  • Easy installation with two screws included.
  • Protects the knives against scratches

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Our magnetic hexagon knife rack is made in a stylish design with six hexagons. It is made from American walnut that has an absolutely beautiful color ranging from light brown to dark brown. It is treated with a Danish organic linseed oil. The oil emphasises the beautiful veins and colour of the walnut.

The knives are held in place on the rack by powerful neodymium magnets. The magnets are glued on the back of the knife rack in holes made for this purpose, so they are hidden once the knife rack has been installed.

It fits 6 knives and is 47.5 cm long, 17 cm high and 1.2 cm thick.

It is super easy to install the knife rack with the included 2 screws and raw plugs. The screws will be hidden behind the rail after installation, so you achieve the simplest expression possible.

NB: If you have knives in Damascus steel, we recommend our knife rail with grooves, as Damascus steel is not attracted to neodymium.


Send mig en e-mail når produktet er på lager