Hexa cutting board
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Hexa cutting board


  • Extra deep juice groove
  • A great and hygienic choice
  • Lots of space (35 x 40 cm)
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Durable

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Our oak cutting board is both functional and made in an elegant design.

The cutting board is hexagonal and has an extra wide juice groove. Both sides can be used, and the back has no juice groove, which makes it suitable for, e.g., tapas or cheese boards. When the cutting board is not in use, it also works well as a decorative element in the kitchen.

A wooden cutting board is a good hygienic choice for your kitchen, because wood provides bacteria with worse living conditions than other materials.

The oak is light brown with clear veins. It is super durable and the perfect choice for a cutting board.

Rapeseed or grape seed oil is used for oiling the cutting board, as the oil does not go rancid and is, therefore, ideal for oiling kitchen utensils. This makes it super easy to maintain the cutting board, as grape seed or rapeseed oil is available in all supermarkets. The cutting board benefits from a regular oil treatment.

35 x 40 cm
The sides are 20 cm long.